Jake Wakefield — Artist





Digital and Traditional Illustration

Samples of digital creations, concepts, commissions, and competition pieces created for Jake Wakefield’s creative clients. Creating using digital painting tools like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.

Project Concept Art

Selected samples of custom illustrations used to develop creative ideas visually before they are built into a final product or fully realized as an installation or interactive art piece.

Character Illustration

Character concepts and custom commissions of original and well-known characters.

Interactive Art

Off the page and into the real world. This art is built for festivals, installations, and other events.

Arrietty — by Wakegraphic


A vibrant popup stage, venue, and interactive playground. This colorful garden is a portal to a world where they are no bigger than a mouse in a flowery field of Colorado-inspired plants. Arrietty’s immersive environment is a mix of human-height flowers, various types of giant foliage, and hundreds of feet of moss.

The Crone

Built to inspire campfire stories among the people who stumble across one.


Hosting talks, events, and hot/cold tea service for camp Dustea Pickle at Burning Man.


An silent, waiting, watching and lurking acrobatic stilt-walker costume.